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Zydeco All Night

Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Poison and Black Sabbath…backed by accordions? Zydeco All Night, the debut release from Zydecosis, redefines classic rock favorites by setting them on the foot-stomping banks of the Mississippi.

While this is no Robert Plant pleasing fans with powerful accordion riffs, Zydecosis creates something equally memorable for dancing the night away. Led by Houma, Louisiana native, Steve Junot, the band reveled toward the idea of infusing rock standards when accordion player, Chubby Carrier (of the swampadelic Chubby Carrier and Bayou Swamp Band) suggested covering a Kiss song zydeco-style. Mixing the styles successfully took a couple tries, but it eventually resulted in an agreeable venture between genres.

Opening with Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love,” Junot’s rusty voice accompanies the aura of Plant, while creating an introduction to a party set between ten tracks. Powerful compositions between Junot’s vocals, dizzying accordions and well-timed percussions create a soothing blend of genres. The upbeat, fast tempo of the song successfully mixes zydeco and rock ‘n’ roll, proving that both were made to shuffle feet beneath baselines at the end of a long day.

This collaboration of artists and musical genres stretches past the obvious arrangements, and inspires listeners with both the familiar and the unique. “Walk this Way,” made notable by Aerosmith, creates an energy equivalent to it’s rock ‘n’ roll predecessor, while evolving into its own distinctive sound never heard before. Zydeco has become an influential staple in music since evolving with the black and multiracial French-speaking Creoles of Louisiana and southeast Texas. The genre has since then been integrated into waltzes, shuffles, two-steps, blues, rock and roll, and most forms of dance. Zydecosis proves that tradition of change and the evolution of music continues to be relevant and more importantly...fun.

With eclectic, buoyant riffs of rock’s finest, one of the best manipulations on the album is “Fat-Bottomed Girls” originally performed by Queen. Backed by the subtle fluency of the original recording, the track evolves with the energy of Freddie Mercury, while keeping the vocals fresh and invigorating. Junot’s vocal arrangements carry Zydecosis through their debut, with a raw, uplifting energy calling for people to rejoice and dance.

Junot and his team of experienced musicians come together like a group of friends jamming on some unforgettable tunes creating a listening environment easily accessible to all of their listeners.  With Carrier on accordions, Corey Duplechin on bass, Lupe Valdeviez, Jr. on drums and Todd Adams on washboard and piano, Zydecosis fuses together harmoniously to pay homage to classics through their roots music alongside special guests Tony Hall (who has played bass for Dave Matthews and Emmylou Harris) and Cajun-fiddler Waylon Thibodaux.

Zydecosis creates an antidote to the familiar by mixing genres together to create inevitable, rhythmic body movements that last until the early morning. As a taste of history, there is no doubt that zydeco has been utilized to unite with its contagious, extremely unavoidable energy, all of which Zydeco All Night has proved accordingly.-- Nicole DeLawder


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I LOVE it!!! Zydeco and classic rock go together better than chocolate and peanut butter.
-Lisa Logan
(On air personality C-107 FM)

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